<1mm tiny brown bugs in kitchen

Asked September 3, 2019, 7:47 AM EDT

I have recently found these tiny (<1mm) brown bugs in a kitchen cabinet (packaged grains/pasta/wheat) as well as on the counter-top nearby. When I found them, there were >50 of them. I have since thrown away all food in the cabinet and washed the cabinet out with white vinegar. I'm still finding a few of them every day in the proximity, but many less now that the food is gone.

Thought they might be flour mites but these are brown (not white)? Sorry for the blurry photos, but they are very small, so tough to get a good shot!

1 Response

These pictures are very small and hard to see. they appear to be ants. be sure all foodstuffs are protected from infestation.

Thanks, G.