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Asked September 3, 2019, 12:22 AM EDT

Visiting yellow stone and the grand tetons


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Photo is too blurry to identify this mushroom. Further, would need to see the top of the cap to positively identify it. Mushroom identification is not always easy, and accurate, confident ID is essential if anyone is considering a mushroom for consumption. The use of spore prints - which can only be done when one physically has the specimen - is another ID tool that obviously can't be done via the internet.

So, since this mushroom can't be confidently identified, it should NOT be consumed - if that was the reason for sending the photo.


Thanks Tony .Ive just gotten into the Hobby.i never eat any of what i find .i find it fascinating .I bought a field guide from the Audubon scocioty . thanks to dr paul stamet I appreciate you taking the time to email me back hope you have a great day.