Rock identification

Asked September 2, 2019, 9:18 PM EDT

Hi, I have many stones and crystals I’d like some info on. I have attached 2 photos on this request. Thank you!

Minnesota rock identification

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We do not have the expertise for rocks in your area. You may want to contact the MN mineral society:
They have a listing of rock shops in the state:

Thanks, G.

I don't believe theses came from Minnesota. Actually, I think they came from Australia. My brother was an avid stone enthusiast. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2009. My parents were left with all of his belongings; now they are gone and my siblings and myself are sorting through everything and we found these. My brother traveled all over the US seeking various stones and also sent for opals from Australia. I was hoping this may have some opal in it actually. We also have very large chunks of petrified wood from up and down the west coast.