no black walnuts

Asked September 2, 2019, 3:51 PM EDT

the backyard black walnut tree does not appear to be delivering walnuts this year as of Sept. 1. Do you have any explanation? Location: Three Oaks, MI49128

Berrien County Michigan

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There are a couple possible reasons you are not seeing as many walnuts this year. The first is biennial bearing also known as alternate bearing. This happens to many species of fruit and nut trees. The trees produce fruit heavily one year, and the next year there is almost nothing or a low production. The second reason is due to a late spring frost or freezing temperatures when the flower or small nuts are present. If the center of the flower gets frosted the flowers cannot be pollinated. So long as your walnut tree is healthy you should see a crop next year and hopefully the spring temperatures will cooperate.

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