Aphids and mimosa

Asked September 2, 2019, 12:47 PM EDT

I have a mimosa that seems afflicted by aphids this year, significantly higher than ever before. The roses, Japanese honeysuckle and atlas cedar have been as well, with stick residue falling and yellow jacket visitors in a number previously unseen. We are a no-spray kind of family. Besides waiting on lady bugs, which are around, is there anything else to do about this?

Linn County Oregon

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There are a few things that could help knock the problem back a bit - but it is typical for plants to be stressed at the end of a dry summer, and thus more susceptible to insect invasions. Spraying with water will help on smaller plants, possibly soapy sprays on larger ones but not too practicable. Here are some links with detailed methods of dealing with aphids - including chemicals if you are desperate - but they also would not be very effective on such a wide variety of plants.