Pictured wing flies

Asked September 2, 2019, 10:28 AM EDT

Our home's exterior is infested with these pictured wing flies. We get rid of them one day and they are back two days later. What can we do to get rid of these pests? They don't seem to bite, but they do "attack". They are covering the front of our house which causes us to not be able to use the front doors. Please help!!

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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At times adult picture-winged flies can congregate in numbers on houses and patios etc. They usually show up as temperatures cool (autumn is a very common period of time for adult picture-winged flies to see them around residences. The drop in temperatures may drive them to look for a warmer habitat indoors.

Picture-winged fliesare harmless to humans and pets, and they do not bite or transmit any kind of disease. They do not cause damage to furniture or homes, but clearly swarms of them can be a nuisance.

There is not a great deal we can recommend to deal with their numbers except using patience and taking the time to ensure that you tighten up cracks and seals around windows, doors and where wires/pipe and utilities enter the home so you don't end up with them inside.

Using insecticide against picture-winged flies is not advised because their population levels naturally decline as the temperatures grow colder.


Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate your help with this. Do you know why these flies are only on our house and not on others? Is there something they are attracted to that could be in/around our home? We do not grow any food/herbs. We have minimal plants in the front yard (there are no flies in the back of the house at all). It's very frustrating to have these things show up a day or two after getting rid of them. There are thousands of them on the front of the house. It's like a modern-day Hitchcock movie. :)

These flies can be attracted to color like a south or west facing side of the house. They tend to aggregate together. You could blow them off the house with a leaf blower. They may come back but normally these flies do not stay long.

A possible source would be near some place that has decomposing vegetation or perhaps a wet area in the lawn. Larvae of this fly can feed on decomposing vegetation.