Best time to plant grass seed?

Asked September 2, 2019, 10:22 AM EDT

I live in a development. The lawn care is taken care of by a HOA selected service. This year has been really bad for crabgrass and other weeds. How can I get my lawn into shape for the spring? When do I plant new grass? What type of grass is best for my lawn? They just sprayed something on the crab grass. Does this mean I can't plant grass seed? Please help.... :)

Sussex County Delaware lawns and turf

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Generally speaking cool season grasses such as tall type fescue are best for Delaware lawns. It is likely that what was sprayed on your crabgrass was a specific herbicide that will not hinder new seed growth. However, it would be best to ask. The best time to plant new grass seed is in the fall when there is less heat, more rain, and the growing season is still long enough to establish the grass before frost. Here is an excellent booklet to download on managing a healthy lawn written by a UD horticulture expert that should answer your questions now and be a good reference for the future.