Maple Leaf Tar Spots "Fungal Pathogen" genus "Rhytisma"

Asked September 2, 2019, 5:02 AM EDT

I have a "Maple" sapling growing in my yard which this year grew at moderate growth rate of approximate 24 inches. Great Start with lots of promise. Problem, It is the only tree in the neighborhood to my knowledge showing signs of Maple leaf Tar Spots. Question, should I remove the tree, hoping to eliminate the possible spread of the disease or leave the tree alone to grow? Thanx, Gary A. Yanasak


1 Response

NO to removing the tree. Tar spot is a very common fungal affliction among maples in Michigan, mainly a cosmetic issue doing little to no harm to the tree. Best that you can do is rake up it's fallen leaves to prevent overwintering of the fungus but it is still subject to reappearing because of the fungus wind driven from so many other trees also afflicted. Read more here: