Melba apple browning

Asked September 1, 2019, 8:09 PM EDT

Our Melba apples while still on the tree look perfectly fine and are firm but when we cut them open there are brown spots inside sometimes near the core and sometimes just beneath the skin looking as if the apple has been bruised although it is still firm to the touch. If we wait until the apple has a lot of red the inside will be mostly brown and need to be discarded. What is happening to these apples/

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Michigan apple diseases

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Melba apples response. This doesn’t sound like an insect problem. If you have sandy soils, then boron deficiency might be a possible cause. Testing the soil may reveal if this is the case. MSU and other labs do not include boron in their routine tests—there is a separate fee for this. Another approach is to test leaves for nutrients. Boron is included in the routine foliar analysis. Your local extension office can guide you to where information on sampling can be found, or search online for soil testing laboratories Michigan State University.