What's up with my hydrangeas?

Asked September 1, 2019, 3:08 PM EDT

Three regular, pom pom type hydrangeas have never looked great, but they look especially bad this year. No flowers and the leaves are think and crinkled. Any idea what's going on? Do I need to pull the bushes? Thanks!

Baltimore Maryland shrubs hydrangeas pest insects and mites hydrangeas leaves leathery and wrinkled

1 Response

Wrinkled leaves may have gotten insect feeding in the bud and opened up distorted. Or it could be herbicide damage. Or nutrient deficiency--have you done a soil test in that area? Look for potassium, nitrogen or phosphorus deficiency.

Hydrangeas like moist soil. They hate dry soil. If yours are getting air blown on them on the time from the HVAC in the photos, this could be drying their leaves and causing problems.

They do need sunlight (part sun at least) to bloom. Also, if you are pruning in spring, this will remove that year's flowering buds. Thus, no flowers.