I found one very similar

Asked September 1, 2019, 2:32 AM EDT

Could this also be? White Tussock moth here in the tropical North Queensland.

Outside United States

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If you're asking if it's the White Tussock Moth Orgyia leucostigma, the North American native moth, I highly doubt it. However, there are many other similar tussock moth caterpillars from the Lymantriidae family that reside in northern Australia. It's more likely that it's one of the similar ones native to Australia. Also, keep in mind that the caterpillars can drastically change appearance from one instar (stage of development where the larvae shed their skin as they grow and develop) to another. Check out the Lymantriidae family moth caterpillers at this Australian site:

Also, scroll through the 56 slides on this site for even more possibilities: https://lifeunseen.smugmug.com/Insects/Butterflies-Moths-order-Lepido/Moths/Lymantriidae/Lymantriidae/i-hCKQDkt