Asked August 31, 2019, 4:16 PM EDT

My row home yard is Bay Wise Certified, and neighborhood cats are running rampant through my yard. The cats have fleas (scratching, kitten diagnosed with severe anemia). Is there anything I can do to reduce them in my yard...fleas...or cats (neighbors do not spay/neuter)?

I read your bulletin on fleas HG27. Prior to being Bay Wise Certified, I would spray Liquid Sevin, if necessary. My dog stays inside most of the time and is treated with Bravecto (pill every 12 weeks, with prescription).

Baltimore County Maryland

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Do you think you have a flea problem in the yard? Are you seeing them or being repeatedly bitten on your ankles when outdoors?

Your dog is protected so we wouldn't be worried on that account.

We would not recommend using any pesticides unless there is a definite problem and the pest has been seen and identified.
(We are hearing a good deal about a relatively new invasive- a very small Asian tiger mosquito that bites during the day).

Here is our page on Fleas that gives you more information: