What is this large orange spider called?

Asked August 31, 2019, 2:13 PM EDT

Hi, I found this spider on my rose of sharon this morning. Unfortunately, I destroyed its web before realizing it may be a beneficial. There are a ton of aphid on the buds of the rose of sharon that I have been spraying with a mixture of vinegar and water. Not sure if that's going to be an effective solution. What do you suggest? Thank you, Marisa

Jackson County Oregon

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That is an orb weaver spider, in the family Araneae. It's one of the spiders which builds large wagon-wheel webs whcih inadvertently spook people when they walk into it. They are beneficial in that they help limit pests in landscapes and gardens.

You can help these and other spiders at your place by stopping the vinegar treatments. A harsh water spray is all that's needed to blast aphids off your plants; repeat daily, if needed. Or get up close and personal by donning gloves and squishing the aphids every time you see them.

See "Web-building Spiders onhttp://web.pdx.edu/~smasta/MastaSpidersYard.html. It's the first description.

Thanks a lot. Does this spider eat aphids? If not, what does it eat?


It eats insects which get caught in its web. Typically, that will be various flying insects.