Animals are dead in my yard

Asked August 31, 2019, 5:12 AM EDT

I need to test my yard for chemicals, how do I do that? In the last few years they build a Walmart across the street, BBQ next door and a Lowe's behind me. I live in a township and have a half acre of land. It started this year. All the wildlife gone. I have found dead rabbits and birds in my yard. I have walnuts trees in my back yard, all squirrels are gone. Two weeks ago my little 7 year old dog dropped over. I believe it's a chemical they are using. Please help, I am heartbroken. Thank you

Bradford County Pennsylvania

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You can test your soil for possible toxic chemicals that might be taken up by plants in your garden. Penn State soil testing laboratory offers a variety of soil tests for chemicals and other substances. Here is a link to the form you fill out when you take a sample and send it in.
You can do this yourself, or take your sample to your local Penn State Extension for them to submit. Here is a link to a general explanation of the Penn State soil test.
If you want your air and water tested, that would be up to your municipal authorities. You can, however, have dead animals tested either by your local veterinarian or perhaps your municipal authorities to determine cause of death.