Possibly a large house spider?

Asked August 31, 2019, 3:27 AM EDT

I've found a few of these running around, mostly at night. I want to make sure they are not dangerous.

Silver Bow County Montana

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This is most likely a male hobo spider, Eratigena agrestis, but it's difficult to tell definitively from the photos. The only way to be certain would be to submit a specimen to your local Extension Office for a positive identification by the Schutter Diagnostic Lab at Bozeman.

Hobo spiders, especially males, are on the move this time of year and it's not uncommon to find them indoors. Hobo spider will bite in defense; however there is debate around the effects of hobo spider bites as these spiders are frequently confused with other species. In fact, misinformation on hobo spiders is so prevalent that it was previously thought that they were capable of producing a necrotic lesion similar to that caused by brown recluse spiders. However, much of the evidence in such cases has been circumstantial. The prevailing thought is that hobo spider bites causes only mild pain and redness. That being the case, the Center for Disease Control has in fact removed them from their list of spiders "Dangerous" to humans.

If you find hobo spiders in your house, you needn't be alarmed. Shake out clothes stored on the ground and tap out your footwear before you put them on to avoid a possible defensive bite. Spiders found can be squished or likewise killed if so desired. We typically don't recommend a pesticide treatment as they can do more harm to beneficial insects than good against spiders.

I hope this information is helpful to you and please feel free to contact your local County Extension office if you have any additional questions.

Thank you Dave, i really appreciate your answer. I've been bitten once by a hobo.. i hate them.. i just dont like bugs. But I do thank you for your quick response. Time to burn the house down. Lol.. Holly