Are these bedbugs

Asked August 29, 2019, 8:58 PM EDT

Found some living in the window, some in the basement and also some in the living room furniture

Oregon insect issues insect identification possible bedbugs

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No, the critters are not bedbugs. Those in the first two images are psocids which are common outdoors in moist places and which may come indoors.

Outdoors they can be managed by keeping plants and debris (mulch & wood- or debris-piles) away from exterior walls.

If they're particularly numerous indoors, a dehumidifier may be helpful.

I don't recognize anything living in the 3rd image. If there are, either submit a clearer view when you respond to this email or capture several samples to take to your county's Extension Service office for a first-hand look.

You can locate your county's office using the interactive map at this link -