Do you timber trees?

Asked August 29, 2019, 6:48 PM EDT

Hello. I am writing because my mother has two to four tulip poplars that she would like timbered. I am pretty sure she is willing to give the trees to whomever will cut them down. And, I don't think she is looking to sell the timber, she just wants them removed and will give the trees as payment for having them removed. Is this something the Department of Forestry would do, or can they provide the names of someone who might? Thanks in advance.

Pike County Kentucky

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There are several companies that can remove the trees. The hard part is finding one that will trade the lumber for cutting them down.
Can you send the locations and a contact person/number for someone to contact you? Can check with couple of the local people and see if they are willing to trade the work for the lumber?

Donna Thacker
1091 Peyton Creek
Pikeville, KY 41501
(606) 437-0523

I will get in contact with the tree guys, I know and see if they will trade the work for the lumber in the trees.
May take a day or 2 to get answers,

Thank you, Suzanne. This is Johnny, Donna's son. I will let her know that you will be calling.