Won't grow

Asked August 29, 2019, 2:27 PM EDT

I purchased two pampas grass plants from my local nursery back in June. They have not grown at all. They are still the same size and green

Perry County Illinois

2 Responses

There can be several possible causes for your plants being stunted. 1) Being planted in the shade can cause hardy pampas grass to grow very slowly. 2) This grass prefers dry to moist, well drained soil and does not do well in wet soils. 3) Possibly the plants are infected with root aphids which can be a problem occasionally with nursery stock and these pests cause plant stunting and lack of growth. 4) If the plants were root bound in their containers and then planted in the ground without spreading out the bound root, this can lead to strangulating roots and stunted, dwarf plants. 5) Being planted near a black walnut tree (within 30-50 feet) can cause stunting of many plant species.
I wish I could be more specific but here are a number possible causes for this problem.

In addition, you may want to call your local U of I Extension office in Pinckneyville, (618) 357-2126 to see about taking in a sample of your plants for their horticulture educator to examine. The educator's name is Richard Little, 618-687-1727 or little84@illinois.edu.