Boxwood blight

Asked August 29, 2019, 11:57 AM EDT

I asked this question last week and received no answer so I will ask more. First I do not need to confirm that my boxwood has blight. It has. If I spray the fungicide will it stop the dying of the leaves? Will they regrow once the branch is bare? Will I be doing this likely every year? Cynna Janus

Montgomery County Maryland

1 Response

Hi - A fungicide will only be useful for protecting plants that do not have symptoms. Fungicides are not curative. If you already see symptoms of boxwood blight and the leaves are dropping off your plants, a fungicide will not stop this. They will not regrow once the branches are bare. To protect healthy boxwoods from getting the disease, you would have to use a fungicide about every two weeks (according to product label instructions) for the entire growing season. Please read the following publication on best management practices for dealing with boxwood blight in a home landscape. This is the best available current information on managing this disease.