mushroom growth in soil

Asked August 29, 2019, 10:40 AM EDT

Hi, I’ve had a Japanese maple growing in a pot for 2-3 years. This summer I was away and hadn’t been caring for the tree in my own. I noticed a grouping of mushrooms in the soil. I’ve moved the tree into a sunnier area, but is there anything i can do in terms of soil treatment or otherwise to get rid of the fungus? Nothing appears on the bark or leaves itself. Thanks in advance,

Kings County New York mushrooms in potted planter

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Thank you for your question. Here is an Extension article that explains your growths: No reason for concern. Good luck!

Thank you for the prompt response, the mushrooms look more like brown button mushrooms. Does this article still apply? Am I reading the article correct, to just let them be?

The yellow parasol mushroom is just one of several found in the soil, and the most common. Without knowing the source of the spores, the only way to identify this specific species would be a lab examination. Assume any mushroom is a toxic mushroom, but you can safely compost them. BTW, you may have observed mushrooms popping up in a yard, typically when a tree has been cut down, and roots remain. Different fungi are breaking down root tissue, which will be right underneath the mushroom. Nature’s recycling process!