Verticillium wilt & our maple trees

Asked August 28, 2019, 2:21 PM EDT

We have one of five maple trees in our front yard that we believe have this fungus. We have plans to have the worse tree removed in about one week. Is it safe to burn this wood to heat our friend's house? We were told not to use the wood chips. We are also going to try and save the rest of the beautiful large maples by using fertilizer stakes.

Kalamazoo County Michigan

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Burning plant material from a tree with verticillium wilt is an acceptable method of disposal. Leaves and debris should also be destroyed. Probably the biggest issue with the firewood is controlly the debris while the wood is drying. A good tree service should have a certified arborist on staff who should understand the proper protocol for disposing of infected trees and proper disinfection of tools.. Since immediate removal of infected trees is not necessary, consider confirming the disease through testing at the MSU Plant & Pest Diagnostics Lab ( Also check out the following links:,occur%20either%20acutely%20or%20chronically.
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