curling elephant ears

Asked August 28, 2019, 9:03 AM EDT

The leaves lok healthy but are curling.

Bristol County Massachusetts

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There are several possible reasons for leaf curling.

Leaf curling may by caused by herbicide overspray damage if weed killers were used near the plants, cut off the curled leaves and let the plant generate new leaves.

Check for insects. Elephant ear plants are prone to spider mites. It is recommended to spray the leaves and soil around the plants with insecticidal soap. Repeat a few days later.

Overly wet soils, and conversely, drought, can cause leaf curling. Make sure the soil drains well. Water deeply, but infrequently.

There may be tuber damage. Dig up one of the plants and inspect the tubers for rot or damage by moles. If the tuber is healthy, replant and cut off the damaged leaves. If there is evidence of damage, discard the plant.