Lawn Care Questions

Asked August 27, 2019, 8:34 PM EDT

When is the best time of year to apply fertilizer? Can a weed and feed product work in the fall? What should be the primary ingredient in fall fertilizer? What are the best ways to treat brown patch fungus? Do I need to treat the entire yard or just the brown areas?

Carroll County Maryland

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Late summer into the fall is the recommended time to apply fertilizer to cool-season grass like tall fescue. Perform a soil test to check phosphorus levels and pH.

Lawn fertilizers now sold in the state are formulated to comply with lawn fertilizer law. Lawn maintenance fertilizers have zero phosphorus in them and contain at least 20% slow-release nitrogen. The primary nutrient is nitrogen. Specialty products containing phosphorus are still available and may be used when a soil test indicates the need for phosphorus.
Follow University of Maryland Extension lawn fertilizer schedule for timing and amount of nitrogen.

You did not mention the weeds you are trying to control. A fall weed and feed can work on winter annuals like chickweed. You will have to look on the label to see what weeds are listed. If you put down a weed and feed, you will be be able to seed.

Here is our page on brown patch and management.