Orange mushrooms

Asked August 27, 2019, 10:18 AM EDT

I have orange mushrooms growing under my tree in Bunches

Bucks County Pennsylvania

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Ask an Expert always recommends NOT eating mushrooms unless a qualified mushroom hunter sees them up close. Your life is worth more. Both mushrooms have a pleasant smell.

Omphalotus olrarius- Jack o lantern mushroom...poisonous. Grows at the base of trees, stumps, on big roots or buried wood....has knife-like non-forking gills under the cap. The stem is orange when peeled. Mushrooms can glow slightly in a dark room.

Cantharaellus cibarius- chanterelle... Grows away from the base of trees but still needs wood. Has flat-edged interconnecting ridges on mushroom caps...mushroom is funnel-shaped with the gills under the cap running part way down the stem. When peeled, the inside of the stem is whitish.

Since you have the botanical names, look at them online and compare by looking closely at the mushroom. That's as good as it gets.
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