Gladiolus video

Asked August 27, 2019, 3:58 AM EDT

Is there a Gladiolus video for how to deal with croms after they’re dug up? Dumb luck that most of my glads have survived this long.

Polk County Minnesota gladiolus

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Are you looking for instructions for overwintering your gladiolus? I'm not sure about videos, but there are several reliable web resources below that talk about both the care of gladiolus and how to overwinter them. After the first hard frost, you'll need to remove the corms from the soil. Cut off the plant as close to the corm as possible. Clean off remaining soil from the corms. The American Gladiolus society recommends then curing the corms for 2-3 weeks in a cool dry location with good air circulation (non freezing and not in direct sunlight). After that time, a corky layer forms between the original corm and the new one. Break off and discard the old corm and roots. Store the new corms in a mesh bag or shallow box in cool temperatures above freezing, such as a cool location in the basement. For more details, please see the resources below.