Asked August 26, 2019, 11:19 PM EDT

Moist black soil seems to attract moles. In 25 years living on the property, we rather saw a mole presence. I thought big dogs kept us safe. The big dogs are gone, and the moles are having a feast. I watchd several utubes. No segment address moles in grass and black dirt. HOW DO i GET RID OF THEM WITHOUT POLUTING THE BACK WATER TO THE mINNEHAHA CREEK

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Thanks for the question.

Although some individuals find moles cute, others consider them to be serious problems. We get several questions about their elimination. In the final analysis, there really is only one effective method: trapping. While you can can discourage them with some liquid repellant products, these only last for a very short time. It is possible that these moles are looking for grubs (Japanese Beetle??) in the soil. But once these grubs are gone, moles will simply move onto other food such as earthworms and insects in your yard. See the following for further information and some suggestions about trapping:

If you wish to pursue the trapping option, you may have to look around for traps and perhaps try different ones until you find one that is successful. Also, please keep in mind that moles move around so just eliminating the current ones may simply enable others to take their place. It will be a challenge!

Good Luck!!