Little brownish bug in my house

Asked August 26, 2019, 7:57 PM EDT

These bugs are on the walls, the windows and doorways. Mainly in the living area where the back door is. I have looked online and can not find out what they are. Please advise.

Lubbock County Texas

2 Responses

You don't mention size, but it looks like Xanthogaleruca luteola, elm leaf beetle. This is a common insect on elm, especially Siberian elm, which it will defoliate. In the fall, adult beetles leave their trees and congregate on and then inside homes. It's considered an occasional nuisance pest. If you have an elm tree nearby check at the base of the tree. Pupae and emerging adults may be piled up there. Spraying or removing them may reduce numbers going to your house (a little). Otherwise, not much to be done.

I think u solved the mystery. The size is very small. I don’t know how to gauge the size-maybe 1/4”long! I just don’t think there is an elm tree. A pecan tree is in my back yard. My neighbors may have one!!! But I thank you so much. Also u were quick to answer. I appreciate you!!