Moving a 23-yr-old Wisteria?

Asked August 26, 2019, 7:02 PM EDT

Last summer my husband passed away and now I am selling our home. My husband gave me a Wisteria 23 years ago and I planted it near the concrete foundation of the breezeway. I must be out of our home by September 5, so the urgent question is: Can my precious tree be moved successfully or can clippings (?) be taken from the root (?), or wherever, to propagate a new tree?

Linn County Oregon

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That’s very encouraging! However I have no idea about the process. Would I trim the tree to a manageable size before digging and then what is the rule of thumb for rootball size?

The first link I posted below my response gives good detailed information regarding the trimming, digging and re-planting. My only addition to that would be the suggestion to shade the newly transplanted tree during any further hot spells.