Japanese Maple- Disease, fungus, normal?

Asked August 26, 2019, 1:29 PM EDT

Hi, this was planted 1 year ago. These splotches have developed over the past month or two. Trying to determine the best course of action to remedy. Please let me know what additional info you require to offer advice. Thanks!

Crook County Oregon

2 Responses

It looks like this Japanese maple may be in too much sun and wind exposure. In our area they really need to be in a protected area with some morning sun only and protection from the wind. From the photo, it looks to me like the leaf tissue if just drying out and getting beaten up from the environment.

That's unfortunate as we bought it as a "full sun" plant. Currently it's exposed to all day sun and we live in Powell Butte which is very windy. I will begin searching for a more suitable location. Thank you for your guidance.