Asked August 26, 2019, 11:53 AM EDT

I would like to know when I should fertilizer my lawn for the winter time and what should I put on it. My yard looks so very bad this lots of dry spots and dead grass. Should I power rake the yard before I put down fertilizer for the fall and winter. Do I need to put fall and winter fertilizer down.

Thank you for your help.


Adams County Colorado

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Good afternoon Arlene,

The best time to fertilize for the Fall final nitrogen application (October-November) while the grass is still green and at least 2 weeks before the ground begins to freeze.

Power raking is beneficial if done lightly and often. Deep power raking can be damaging as it often removes substantial portion of the living turf.

If you would like us to further analyze your dry areas in your yard we would need pictures close up and in the distance and would need the following asked:

Type of grass?

How old?

How often watered?

By hand or sprinkler system?

Thank you,

Kari Tykeson and Mary White