Aggressive bees

Asked August 26, 2019, 11:05 AM EDT

I own an acre of property in Brighton Michigan, which has diverse settings: typical front yard with no trees, and then a large, large backyard sloping down a hill with pine forest, a meadow, small oak tree section, grasslands, and eight Pinetree‘s about four years old. Anyway, as I was cutting the grass in the back meadow this morning, I kept getting attacked by bees. I was stone 3-4 times. Nothing like this has ever happened before. About an hour later I went into the front yard, which is at least 250 feet away from the backyard meadow and on the other side of the house, and as I was simply raking out some dirt where I removed a lilac tree stump, again I was attacked by and strung by two more bees. I know that this time a year yellow jackets are more aggressive, is that the exclamation for this? Or have the African bees arrived now in Southeast Michigan? Thanks for your help.

Livingston County Michigan

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The bees that nes in the ground do seem to be aggressive. There is a good article that tells how to get rid of them — I hope you find it helpful.