Asked August 26, 2019, 10:31 AM EDT

Maize 15kg
Sbm 7kg
Wheat offal 2kg
PKC 1kg
Bone 0.5kg
Limestone 1kg
Lysine 0.03kg
Methionine 0.025kg
Premix 0.03kg
Salt 0.1kg

Is this formulation good for broiler finisher sir

Outside United States

1 Response

Depends on many factors including the nutrient profile of the actual ingredients used and the type and age of the broiler chicken.
Based on my calculations, using book values for the ingredients, you have a diet with:
2585 kcal/kg - recommended is 3180
17.2% crude protein - 18% is recommended
Calories to protein ratio - 150 - 177 is recommended
0.89% lysine - 1.11% is recommended
0.29% methionine - 0.45% is recommended
0.55% sulfur amino acids (methionine plus cysteine) - 0.86% is recommended
7.5% crude fat - not too bad though you have to watch for rancidity
4.6% crude fiber - a bit high but not too bad
1.95% calcium - 0.8% recommended
0.34% available phosphorus - 0.4% recommended

So the levels are not what are recommended for a commercial strain of cornish cross chickens in the final week or two before market.

As i said, though - it VERY much depends on the nutrient content of the actual ingredients that you use and it is not good to rely on book values.