Labor based CSA

Asked August 25, 2019, 9:05 PM EDT

My husband and I have a large garden and participate in two local farmers markets. Not sure we want to do a standard money based csa. Are there any set up based on labor for food. It is just 2 of us in our late 60s. While we don’t depend on our farm income we would like to operate in the black. If so I would be interested in seeing some of the paperwork. Agreements, liabilities, any other issues in starting a csa this way

Gogebic County Michigan

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Hello! Yes what you are describing is a "Work share CSA". Many farms operate a portion of their CSA (or entire CSA) as a work share model. Typically the farmers would require 4 hours of work/week for one full CSA share. Every farm is set up a little differently in their work share options but there are a few examples of agreements out there:
You will definitely want to have both an agreement and a waiver for anyone who is participating in the work share.
Also the website, is the best resource for small farm legal information including liability, CSAs and so much more. You need to set up a profile to access the resources but everything is free (it makes you "shop" for the resources but they are all free). If you need any additional information or want to talk further about development of your csa email me directly at