Tree fungus?

Asked August 25, 2019, 4:21 PM EDT

I have what I believe are some old beautiful white spruce trees on the property we’re renting, and recently noticed that there are large patches of brown needles developing. I’m wondering if they have a fungus or something because of how wet it’s been lately. It’s hard to see the brown in the photos, but it is pretty significant. There are also some that I’m wondering if they have experienced it in the past as well, because they are bare branched almost 20 feet up.

Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska

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We have seen some needle discoloration in spruce due to some of the drier weather we had early in the season. I know there's been a decent amount of rain in and around Fairbanks recently but it was still pretty dry earlier in the season. I suspect the water stress to be causing the discoloration you are seeing.