Stone crop sedum

Asked August 25, 2019, 3:42 PM EDT

Good day.
I purchase stonecrop sedum on clearance and I am concerned about brown spots on leafs. Any help in this matter in way of troubleshooting this wil be immensely appreciative.

Wayne County Michigan

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The sedum looks like it has a fungal disease, perhaps anthracnose. Anthracnose disease symptoms are circular, sunken, pale, or brownish spots, where the plant tissue dries up and becomes hard and bark-like. To alleviate this problem, reduce watering and give the plant good air circulation. As with any succulent, the soil should be one that drains well.

It could also be spots from herbicide damage- was anything sprayed near or on the plant?

Lastly this could be spots from overhead watering. Keep leaves dry when watering the plant.

Isolate these plants from any other sedum you have. At the end of the season cut back to the ground, bag and discard all above ground stems, leaves, flowers. Hopefully you will not have this issue next year.

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Sorry for my late respons. Thank you very much for answering my concern. The onky overhead watering was probably done at place of purchase. No knowledge of herbicide. One concern is would it be safe to plant while having these issues?

I would plant at least several feet away from other sedums, or sink the pot in the garden far from them, and plant it in its permanent spot next spring.

Once a hard freeze has made the plant go dormant, cut it to the ground and throw away the diseased top. This will reduce the fungal spores next spring. Either way, mulch the plant well when the ground is frozen for over the first winter.

Bless you! And thank you again for all your help!

You are very welcome, always glad to help