Plum tree variety

Asked August 25, 2019, 11:18 AM EDT

I was given a plum tree several years ago, but it came without a tag so I've never known what variety it is. This year, it produced a ton of nice fruit. The fruit is reddish and the meat is reddish with a yellow tinge. The foliage of the tree is also dark reddish in color. The fruits are large and round, slightly tart. Can you give me some idea of what variety this plum might be? Thanks!

Multnomah County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. Plant identification requires information about the tree, in addition to the flowers and, ultimately the fruits. There are several varieties of plums whose fruit resemble yours. Here is a list of Portland Nursery plum trees, with descriptions of both the tree and the fruit: Perhaps you can compare your tree’s characteristics, as well as the fruit, and narrow down the variety. Good luck!

That doesn't do me much good.
The tree seems to be a dwarfish variety, pink flowers, and reddish leaves....

I can’t help further without pictures.

These are the early spring flower shots.

This is the tree with the red foliage.

Thank you. While I am consulting with other experts, here is an article about the most common (of 3,000) pear varieties grown here:

Thanks, but it's a plum tree.

Sorry. Typed in wrong ‘p’ plant. Currently overwhelmed with questions.

I drove to Portland Nursery today to consult with staff there about your tree's identity. (1) They are not certain whether it is a plum or a pluot (

(2) If it is a plum, they can't tell whether it is Japanese or European, except that European plums ripen later than Japanese. (3) We don't know if there is another tree of this species in the area, which would be necessary for the non-self-pollinating variety, or whether it is the self-pollinating type. (4) We are unsure of the size of the fruit, and could only estimate from the holes in the colander.

I would like to give you a definitive identification, but the only absolutely correct method would be to do a DNA test. Sorry I couldn't help more.

Thanks for your help. I am going to assume, since the fruit is rather large, that it is a Pluot.