What are the"other ingredients" in Crossbow

Asked August 24, 2019, 4:57 PM EDT

Does crossbow contain glyphosate?

Jackson County Oregon

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Crossbow is a blend of 2-4D and triclopyr. There is no glyphosate in Crossbow. This product is an effective broadleaf herbicide, but it is very volatile and if used when temperatures are over 80F degrees it can drift off target plants. I coach people to use this only in spring or fall when temps are below 80F.

My subject was " what are the "other ingredients" in Crossbow? Do you know the 49% other ingredients or where I can find them listed?

Can you share the toxic affects of 2,4D and triclopyr?


Pesticide labels don't require the manufacturer to list the other materials. Usually they are just carriers that have no active ingredient, like clay or a soap or oil base solution that keeps the pesticide suspended in the water once you mix the pesticide. If you contact the manufacturer you might be able to find out what the actual ingredients are.

This is how these products work once sprayed on the weeds.

2,4-D kills plants by causing the cells in the tissues that carry water and nutrients to divide and grow without stopping. Herbicides that act this way are called auxin-type herbicides.

Triclopyr is transported in the plants tissues and works by imitating a plant growth regulator causing rapid growth. This growth causes cells to rupture, preventing food manufacture and translocation, causing the plant to die. Triclopyr kills the entireplant, including the root material.

Like all pesticides if these products are used as the label requires, including handling and application on target plants there is minimal risk. If handled improperly these products can kill non target plants and if used improperly these products can be toxic to people, pets and wildlife.

I am confused by your response? I thought Crossbow is an Herbicide? You state Pesticide in your response?

If it is an herbicide, sprayed on plants near edible vegetables humans will be eating, does ingestion by humans have a toxic affect? Can grazing animals eat this product without developing health issues?

Thank you for your response.

Pesticides include fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and rodenticides. They are all pesticides. Crossbow is a herbicide.

In general home gardeners should not have to use herbicides since your garden is small enough to weed by hand or with a tool. If you are treating weeds in a lawn that may be near to your food garden, think about using a herbicide only in spring or fall when temperatures are cool and drift is not likely. If you do use herbicides in summer, stay away from your ornamental and food crops and as I said, spray only when temps are below 80F and there is at most a minimal breeze away from the food garden. If you spray any herbicide on a lawn, field, or garden, no grazing should be allowed in those areas.


In addition to Steve's answers, I wanted to share the following resource:

If you have follow up questions about this or any herbicide, you might consider calling the National Pesticide Information Center Hotline: 1.800.858.7378 8:00AM to 12:00PM Pacific Time, Mon-Fri.

This service is free and a pesticide specialist will talk through your questions, share facts and help you think through what use of pesticides or other alternatives makes most sense in your unique situation. They can talk through implications for human and environmental health of any particular product.

To the best of my knowledge Crossbow is not listed for use in home gardens and landscapes.