Spreading horse manure on horse pasture

Asked August 24, 2019, 12:01 PM EDT

What is important to know about spreading horse manure on my horse pasture? Are there any reasons why it isn't a good idea to do this? How 'aged' should it be? This fall, In what order should I: spray weeds; over seed; spread manure; spread other fertilizer? Thank you!

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Returning nutrients to the pasture is a good idea. Composting the manure for even a short period of time helps with the breakdown process although it can occur just fine when spread on the pasture. I usually advise to keep animals off the area where manure is spread until it breaks down. Fall is the best time to apply, prior to heavy late fall rains. Avoid areas next to any streams or ditches as heavy rains can move manure across the soil into the waterways.

The spray for weeds question is hard to answer without knowing more about what weeds need to be controlled. Some herbicides will interfere with grass seed seedling survival. I would put down seed and then spread manure over it. Other fertilizer needs can be determined by a soil test.

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