Fine Fescue ID Confirmation

Asked August 24, 2019, 11:22 AM EDT

I wanted to confirm that the grass I have pictured in the attachment is fine fescue. I have a mixed grass lawn. But I'd like to overseed with more fine fescue. In the areas where it is the predominant grass it is giving me a nice thick carpet like appearance. Besides giving me a nice thick carpet like look. It also doesn't appear to deepen its color when I fertilize it like the other grasses. If you could help me identify this grass type I would appreciate it. Cort

Calvert County Maryland lawns and turf plant identification

1 Response

This could be fine fescue, but more details are needed in order to identify it for sure. The following page provides a visual guide and key to turfgrass identification. Generally, you have to look at flowers, ligule, vernation, etc., in order to identify grasses. We cannot determine the species by these photos.