Proliferation of vines that look like grape vines in Northwestern Anne Arundel County

Asked August 24, 2019, 10:37 AM EDT

I’ve noticed a proliferation of vines that look like grape vines where I live in Northwestern Anne Arundel County. I don’t recall having seen them years ago, but in the past few years, especially this year, they are prolific. I manage to keep them “at bay” on my property by cutting them down or pulling them up by the roots. However, along the sides of roads they are overpowering the trees and shrubs growing there, bending limbs and branches under their weight. Additionally, they are climbing on utility poles and along wires. What kind of vine is this (I was thinking Kudzu, but of the pictures I’ve seen on line, these don’t look like Kudzu)? Why is there this recent proliferation? What can be done, especially on public property, rights of way, along roadsides to mitigate this proliferation before it takes over everything? And whom should I contact within the county / state government? I only have a flip-cellphone, so I can text photos of these vines to another cell phone if you provide me with a cell number, but I cannot / do not know how to email them or attach them to this message. Dave, Hanover MD

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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It sounds like you might be seeing porcelain berry vines. They look very similar to wild grapevines and are an invasive, non-native plant. This page has photos for comparison.

Here is information about porcelain berry from the Maryland Invasive Species Council.

Higher amounts of carbon dioxide are favorable for fast-growing plants like this (as well as kudzu). You can contact your Anne Arundel County government office to ask if their roadside maintenance department can address the areas of concern.

On private property, you will have to remove plants before they produce berries, and dig plants out by their roots.