Maintaining a field of grass

Asked August 23, 2019, 12:06 PM EDT

I have about an acre of field that until this summer I mowed weekly like a lawn. I no longer want to do that and this year I've just let it grow: grass, weeds, everything. I like the way it looks and I want to continue to do that but I wonder if there is some minimal mowing that I should do to keep it from becoming totally unruly with mostly weeds and eventually bushes. Do I need to plant hay or some other type of grass? If I do an annual bush-hog type mowing, would that suffice? Should it be in the spring or fall? Should it be raked? Would offering it as a pasture for sheep or goats accomplish the same thing?

Thanks for any advice.

Washington County Vermont

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Hello: I am going to refer you to the UVM Pasture Team - I think they can provide some helpful info. to you.

Best, Lisa