Dying Sugar Maple

Asked August 23, 2019, 10:53 AM EDT

Please help with diagnoses and recommendations: I have determined my dying tree to be a Sugar Maple, but I do not know for sure. The tree started showing signs of distress that I noticed the beginning of the summer. While pulling off the bark I noticed an oval, all black beetle smaller than a dime. It did not have specks or any color other than black and I did not see antennae. I also have 2 50 foot Blue Spruces which are dying (signs started last year) and was diagnosed by picture from MSU ext. to be fungus due to weather conditions. Can the tree be saved? Any recommendations would be appreciated. I am located north of Lapeer City limits

Lapeer County Michigan

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This maple appears to be showing its age and a tough life. In addition to some cuts and damage that haven't healed it seem the tree may have slime flume (bacterial wet wood). Probably none of these are fatal but the combination may be a example of "maple decline". The beetle may be a secondary issue attracted to a stressed tree. At this point it would be a good idea to consult a certified arborist and have him/her look at the spruce also.
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