What kind of spider?

Asked August 23, 2019, 6:15 AM EDT

Saw a small (body ~1/2in long) black spider in my sink. Being always curious as to what kind, I captured it in a small plastic container and was able to take a pretty good close up with my phone. Fast mover. seems to have gray markings on its back, top and bottom section. Do they bite? Any information appreciated, thanks.

Deb Beaty Cincinnati OH

Hamilton County Ohio

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There are approximately 3,400 species of spider, or arachnids, in North Americal. It is not easy to find an exact match to your photo. However, I believe it is either a ground spider (Zelotes duplex) or Eastern Parson's spider (Herpyllus ecclesiasticus). These links will take you to pages with photos and descriptions. From the description you gave of the markings, it appears Eastern Parson Spider seems the most likely. You will note that both spiders are biting and venomous, although the ground spider is described as not aggressive. Still, I would approach both of them with caution.

This informaton came from insectidentification.org



thank you Sarah, definitely the Parson Spider. I tried to capture the distinct stripe on its back with my picture but difficult through plastic lid. thanks again for your reply

You are quite welcome. Every time I answer a question I learn something new, so thank you