Is this discoloration bad?

Asked August 23, 2019, 1:23 AM EDT

Some of my italian parsley look funny. I have pet rabbits and don't want to give them anything dangerous. In light of the other issues I've had with my crop with bugs and possibly mold, I don't trust this rusty color on my parsley. It's probably nothing. Earlier I sent you photos of my collards. If you need a better picture, I use my good camera. And thank you all for being here for me! I try looking through photos but never really see what I think is the problem. I suppose I'm a bit lazy too!

Anchorage Alaska

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Such symptoms could be caused by numerous conditions that would be difficult to identify based on photos alone. I suggest submitting a sample to the pathology lab at the Plant Materials Center. Instructions for doing so can be found here: In the meantime I recommend withholding affected foliage from feed, as nutritional qualities are likely diminished.