Grasshoppers in my garden and pastures

Asked August 22, 2019, 5:39 PM EDT

Grasshoppers are defoliating my garden and pastures. This has been an ongoing problem on my ranch for many years. I am looking for help with long term control. I have heard about Semaspore and Nolo Bait being used for biological control, but I can't find a supplier. I also read about destroying the grasshopper's egg beds, but don't know how to identify the location of the egg beds. Any help you can supply would be appreciated!

Park County Wyoming

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Good Morning,
This late in the season there is not many control options, especially chemical options because they are not as effective on adults. I would recommend that you talk with your local weed and pest office about grasshopper control options that they offer or cost share programs. Currently the most effective control for grasshoppers is utilizing dimilin, a growth regulator for grasshoppers. The is best applied in the spring with the first hatch of grasshoppers. Read the label for details on application timing. This would be recommended for your pasture and fence row areas that mechanical control can not be achieved. As for grasshopper control in your garden, tillage (rototilling or turning with a shovel) will destroy the grasshopper eggs. I hope this helps.

You were very helpful! Thanks!