Disease or fungus or what on wild blackberries

Asked August 22, 2019, 8:13 AM EDT

I'm very new to gardening. I'm told I've got wild blackberries growing in the backyard at the edge of the woods. They looked fine until a few weeks ago when the leaves got spotty, turned brown and started dying. What is this? Should I do something about it?

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Hi- although it's difficult to see individual leaves in your photo we think your plant is wineberry (based on the large number and color of the prickles) Wineberry photos:

The leaf edge burning symptom, random chlorotic spots, and relatively rapid decline of the entire plant suggests some type of pesticide spray (herbicide?) injury, rather than a plant disease or insect pest. It's possible that very wet or dry soil conditions could also be contributing to the symptoms. In any case, this is a highly invasive, non-native plant and should be removed.