Green Velvet Boxwood Yellow tip health

Asked August 21, 2019, 8:46 PM EDT

My wife and I just had planting done Last May. We contracted for a couple of types of plants. One of the type were four Green Velvet Boxwoods. The edges of all for plants are turning yellow. One of our neighbors look at them now saying that he yellow edges are a sign the GVB are going to die. The person who planted them said they are health. He got a person from a nursery on a video on his phone saying the plants are health. I am attaching two images first when planted and second take today (8/21/19). Now someone has just said the problem is our soil, the plants need iron or magnesium. Can you give an opinion as to if the plants can be brought back to all green or should we insist on replacement.

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This looks like classic magnesium deficiency. You can apply a magnesium fertilizer quickly, but first we'd recommend you take a soil sample for a soil test, then apply the fertilizer. That way, when you get the test results back, you can deduct what fertilizer you've applied and then apply more, if called for in the test results.

To do a soil test, go here for a video of how to collect the sample, what to test for, and where to send it: A plastic sandwich baggie is fine to put the sample in. Mail in a box or padded envelope. University of Delaware soil testing lab is a good choice.