Cactus garden

Asked August 21, 2019, 1:12 PM EDT

We are putting in a raised cactus garden on the southwest side of our house in Lakewood. Thank you for the informative article. How deep do we make the cactus soil? We plan to top the garden with 3/4 inch rock also.

Thank you.
Laura Bruno

Jefferson County Colorado

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I couldn't find anything that specifically stated how deep to make the cactus soil. What I did find was that it should be well-drained. If you have clay soils, you may need to amend them before planting cacti. If the soil needs amending, it would be a good idea to amend quite deep in the soil so the area doesn't end up with a perched water table (bathtub effect if the water doesn't drain through the clay soils) that could contribute to rotting the cacti roots. I did find a couple of articles from Texas and Arizona that might help. The Arizona article has a lot of nice photos of cacti as well.
pages 25 and 26 in the Arizona publication talk about how to plant and growing.