reaching for sun crape myrtle

Asked August 21, 2019, 11:26 AM EDT

My neighbor planted a dawn redwood about 8 feet from 2 of my (old 20 ft. tall) crape myrtles years ago. Their tree is now so large my crape myrtles are reaching toward my house 20 ft away to get sun. They are blooming ok but the branches have almost reached my house (20 feet away) and when it rains they sag almost to the ground. How can I prune or cut them down to alienate this problem. All the branches are reaching toward me and none toward the redwood almost in the shape of a C! Previous owners planted myrtles and poorly shaped. I live in Virginia zone 7a.

Hanover County Virginia

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Since the shade issue is going to get worse with time the only real remedy is to cut down your crepe myrtle - sad to say.

thanks for your response. i was feeling sad to cut it down but knew that would be the solution. how should that be done? cut it back to the ground or leave part of it to re-grow even tho it will be shaded? i know whenever you cut it would try to re-grow.

You are welcome. Cut the trunks as close to the ground as possible. Stump/roots will continue to send up shoots for several years unless you apply a few applications of weed killer. If you leave part of it to regrow then you will continue to run into the shade issue (branch stretchering, less flowers, ...)