Holly Bushes

Asked August 21, 2019, 9:25 AM EDT

I have a female and a male holly next to each other. They are two years old. Within a week the female bush died. The male next to it is healthy and so far I see no damage. The one that died is completely dead. It has a few white spots at the bottom. My main question is how do I protect the healthy holly ( so far it is still healthy.) Second what might have caused this?

Bucks County Pennsylvania

1 Response

I need some more information about your plants before I can answer your questions.
First, what species of holly are your bushes? Are they evergreen hollies or winterberry hollies (decidous)?
Second, when did the female holly die? This spring? During the summer?
Third, what happened when the female holly started to show signs of dying? Did the leaves curl? Did the leaves wilt and turn brown?
Fourth, was the female plant close to a driveway or sidewalk? Or near the edge of a lawn? Is the healthy male plant located in the same situation?
If possible, please send a photo of both plants, including a closeup of the white spots at the bottom of the dead female plant.
Once I have some more information, I will be able to provide you with some help.